Hi everyone,

I love biking and have spent a lot of time learning from the archived bike forum posts. Time to actually join the forums

I enjoy racing, with cyclocross being my favorite. My first few seasons were all while my wife was in school, so needless to say I couldn't afford a real cx bike. I used a $20 Shogun the first year, and an Austro Daimler Inter10 the second year. I love that bike and still have it, though its no longer used for cx. Most of the Austro Daimler info I found was on these forums, so thank you!

I recently bought a CAAD9 4 for the road, and some upcoming triathlons. I also have a Leader 735TR, which has been my commuter bike for the last few years. I am a huge fan of steel, and especially Reynolds 531 (which my AD is!).

I've still got a lot to learn about bikes