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    Nashville...or Splashville, as it were

    Long time reader, 1st time poster: been riding a crappy Mongoose 'Vadium' that I picked up for free. Been looking for a good yardsale/craigslist ride.

    Today found a Bianchi Mainstreet in pretty sad shape. I can't find much info on it, but will search/post in the Vintage forum. Also building Diamondback Sorrento from around same era: early 90s...also restoring a woman's Schwinn Continental for resale/trade.

    Wanted to alert all our friends around the country that we're pulling out of a major tragedy here. The major news outlets literally gave us the proverbial 15 minutes of fame. Being preoccupied with the Gulf oil spill, the volcano and the failed bombing in Times Square; many are only now waking up to the fact that while all that was happening (or not), Nashville practically drowned.

    Much video and many stills are out there to Google, but a few stats are in order:
    On 5/1&2, we received a fourth of our annual rainfall, breaking both the all-time record one and two day totals. We got over our annual total for May on the first. Ironic that it happened on Mayday....

    Most of us lost something. Many lost everything, including several dead... thousands--at least temporarily--homeless. We're under a water-use restriction, as one of two treatment plants was inundated. A few links below in case you feel moved to help out:

    An inspirational, as well as informational, article:
    The video edition:
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    Welcome to BikeForums.
    Please post your info about Nashville in the Southeast Regional subforum. I'm sure the locals will be very interested.
    My wife and I are on vacation. We'll be driving through Nashville about 2 weeks from now. I hope things are much better by then.
    My bikes: 2001 Litespeed Tuscany---2015 Cannondale SuperSix EVO carbon

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