Good afternoon!
Glad to have found a forum with very enthousiastic and expert people in all the kinds of cycling that I do... I have a Trek 7.5 FX that I used as a road bike (did 2 Grands tours!) but is really a hybrid, especially with the fenders and extra-strong rear rack. It's my sweetest ride, lives in the corridor in my condo. Last September I got a Madone 4.5, love the responsiveness but still not all that comfy on those handlebars, hands and neck hurt after 25 km and those Shimano 105 levers are just a pain. I may go in for a better fitting, as I want to get some serious cyling done this summer. Lives in the spare bedroom.
Finally an old Raleigh, lovely orangey-red color, metal fenders and all. It was my (short) commuter and grocery-shopping bike (I don't have a car) but it's badly out of shape and was always a bit small for me, so rather than fix it I'm looking to replace it with a vintage-type urban bike. I can't find the right one though, so I'll be posting questions - just not sure if I should ask the Classics or Commuter crowd.