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    Hello from Sweden!


    Another newcomer to the forum. Been reading here for the last few weeks and thought I could stop by and say thanks for all the interesting posts here at BF!

    Anyhow, I'm a 21 year old/young student from Västerås, Sweden (not too far from Stockholm).
    I recently got into touring, and will be off for my first tour longer than a weekend in a couple of weeks, where I'm off to visit my parents in southern Sweden, so there's some 590km for me (plus going back later in the summer).
    At the moment I'm riding a Crescent (Swedish brand) mountain bike, but I'm hoping to get a LHT this autumn.

    Well, that's pretty much me, questions will be answered any year


    PS. Please don't mind if I use some bad grammar, I write/speak English way too little to be comfortable with it..

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    Hej Mikael, och vällkommen till Bike Forums!

    Don't worry about your English, you're doing very well. As you have already read the Forums for some time I'm sure you know your way around here. Touring forum for example might be of interest to you. Looking forward to reading your posts!

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