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    Greetings from the Lake Michigan shoreline!

    Okay, well not QUITE the Lake Michigan shore, but only about 12 miles from it.

    As a child I absolutely loved riding my bicycle. I rode my bike everyday to school for most of my childhood. Only in high school did I set my bike down in exchange for a car. At the time I never looked back, but part of me longed to ride again. Now I am.

    This time around I'm serious about my biking. I don't want this to be something I do for a month or so and then forget about. I want to train for races. I am quite ambitious but am trying to be very smart about it, as I am an asthmatic.

    Anyway, I currently own a Trek Disc 4300 and love it. This machine is great on the wooded trails here in SW Michigan. I am hoping by the end of the season to purchase a road cycle as well. I enjoy both trail and road cycling a lot.

    I'll conclude by asking if there is any advice for someone like me who is just starting out as a serious bike rider. Any advise on the asthma issue would be great too!

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    Cheers and welcome to Bike Forums!

    For training advice and such, see Nutrition and Training Forum, and also the specific forum for your type of cycling, Road and/or MTB.

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