I've lurked here a little bit for a couple of months. Now I want to post a question; but figured I'd register and introduce myself first. My name is Scott. I've been away from cycling a long time and had gotten into terrible shape. I ride a Trek Y5 full suspension mountain bike on the road with slicks. I could not get comfortable on my other bikes. 15 years away from road riding and putting on 50 lbs since my last serious cycling can change the way a person rides, I guess.

I (re)joined Peninsula Bicycling Association as well as Team Killer Bees. I'm slowly putting on the miles and usually ride with the B-paced groups in York County. I rode with a B group around Williamsburg/Toano last Monday and thought I was going to die from the hills. I'm going back for the same ride tomorrow.

Many have told me I need a new, lighter bike. I figure my current bike will make me stronger (weight training) and the suspension definitely helps with comfort while I get reacquainted with the road. I imagine I'll consider a bike that's 15 pounds lighter than my current bike after I've managed to lose 15 pounds myself!

Take Care,