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    Hello from Chicago! Joined BikeForums with a 1972 Schwinn Suburban

    Hey guys!

    The only times I've rode a bicycle is through my grade school years (mountain bike) and a little bit through high school (BMX). I had this 70's Schwinn sitting in my garage for who knows how used to be our old neighbors' bicycle until they moved away. There is a matching color Schwinn Breeze that the wife used to ride too.

    I've been a car and more recently, a motorcycle guy since high school. I went to my garage to work on the bike and met my neighbor. He asked me what happened. I told him I ditched the engine so I can ditch "this" too (grabbed the fat on my stomach). We both had a good laugh and he gave me a thumbs up.

    Anyway, I just cleaned off the dust, cleaned and lubed the chain, and filled the tires with air (which are dry rotted to hell, but still holding air). I went on a 15 mile ride with a few friends in this condition! Loved it, except for when the grip came off in a busy intersection...

    I plan on cleaning up the rust and then probably making this bike customized to my own liking. I really want those drop bars or whatever the name is...I need to start learning the lingo here. Also need some new tires before that then fix random squeeks and chirps.

    Anyway, I'm glad to be here and here are some pics of the bike!

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    Welcome to Bike Forums!

    That's a nice bike, I love the color. Feel free to ask any maintenance questions you have in the Bicycle Mechanics or Classic & Vintage forums.
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    Now get on your cheap bike and give me a double century. You walking can of Crisco!!

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