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Thread: Hi, new here.

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    Hi, new here.

    Been lurking for a while. I'm a mountain biker mostly. I just got my first road bike the other day. It's an early 80's allez, that I found in my friends shed.

    I do all my own maintenance usually, and love working on bikes.
    I'm a car guy too. I have always been into vintage vw's but love pretty much any unique car.

    the aformentioned allez
    2008 rockhopper nothing stock. Litterally nothing.
    1999 Gary fisher Joshua xo modded with period correct parts
    custom Electra beach cruiser that I built alot of the parts for
    a schwinn team issue chromoly bmx (currently a frame only)

    wife has a trek Skye sl disc with some upgrades.

    Anyway, I'll be In the vintage forums trying to Identify my old road bike correctly.

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    Cheers and welcome to Forums!

    "Literally nothing"? Did you replace the frame too? And if you did, what makes it a 2008 rockhopper anymore?

    (just kidding, I've replaced most all parts in my two Nishiki hybrids myself, though not the frames. They're still the same old Nishikis as far as I'm concerned.)

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    Who is this General Failure anyway, and why is he reading my drive?

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