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Thread: Change my life

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    Change my life

    I am a 43 year old business owner that got a little burned out running my business. I bought a Trek Madone in January 2010 and started training/riding 2 nights a week with some local groups. I've competed in 4 road races and 1 criterium and have learned a couple of things.
    There is a hell of a lot of great athletes in there 40's and 50's and across the board in this sport. I am competitive/athletic by nature but I've been out of competitive sports for over 20 years and have found myself getting lost among all of this talent. I am having a great time and want to continue and would love to get advice on how to improve being new to the sport at age 43. My most recent race was a criterium (my first) and I finished towards the back. My legs burned, I'm sure I made lots of mistakes and mentally my body was saying to me what the hell are you doing. If anyone is interested in offering out any advice on nutrition, training and how to mentally prepare for and stay focused during a race when the burning, pain and frustration sets in with everyone leaving me in their dust, it would be appreciated. Oh, just in case anyone is wondering or even cares, I'm not over weight, I have been to the doctor and gone through every type of test they can perform on my heart and my doctor said that I'm in great shape, I'm crazy and he is looking forward to the future business that I will create for him. (not sure if that is the answer I was looking for). I'm looking forward to any feedback from those of you who have already gone through what I'm venturing into.

    Thanks in advance:

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    Welcome to BikeForums. Nice intro.
    Stop by the Road Cycling forum for more help and info about road riding and racing. And stop by the Great Lakes regional subforum if you're looking for locals folks to ride with.

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