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Thread: Hi everyone!

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    Hi everyone!

    New guy saying hello here.

    I'm from the northern suburbs of Boston. 46 yo, making my second adult foray "back into biking". The last one started in 1997 with a Trek 6000 and visions of riding the many trails near my home. But the bike was uncomfortable, killed my back and arms and butt. Despite a series of upgrades to it over few years, I never really made friends with the bike, and it sat in my garage for years.

    Fast forward to this spring and a desire to drop below Clyde status, and I'm thinking maybe riding on a more road friendly bike would be a better route. So after much internet research and deliberation, much test riding, and a shop that listened, I've been riding a Jamis Coda Sport for the last 4 weeks. Yes, actually riding, not looking at it thinking what can I do to make it comfortable. Looking forward to riding when I get home from work, and thinking about how to better fit a ride into my daily schedule!

    I benefitted from the knowledge on this forum while doing my research, and the Clyde forum has been pretty inspirational to me. I've got 35 pounds to lose for starters, but I now believe I have the means to do it. Rode 10 miles today with the family and I could have done 15 easily.

    So thanks to everyone who helped me get started, and I look forward to the future.


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    Cheers Mark and welcome to Bike Forums!

    Sounds like your first bike was a poor fit. Good to hear the second one is so much better.

    To err is human. To moo is bovine.

    Who is this General Failure anyway, and why is he reading my drive?

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