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    Hello everyone!

    I'm a Chicagoan. I must apologize for being such a newbie. I know very little about bikes.

    Two years ago, I bought a Jaguar or something from Target. In the meantime, my husband's older Lemond got stolen. I feel really embarrassed telling this story, but I kept insisting that he should just replace it with a Target bicycle--I truly didn't understand the difference. he said he'd rather not have a bike. I thought he was being stubborn because he's sort of frou-frou-ish about everything.

    Anyway, he never got a bike. Last year, we found a Lemond etape on CL for a steal of a deal. It's from Village and we got the paperwork and everything. The seller was a racer and her company was sponsoring her new bike.

    The second I got on that bike, my life changed. What a difference! Anyway, I've been riding it ever since. It's a 55cm and I'm only 5'4, so it's way too tall for me. But I'm faster these days and I just inherited an older Giant ocr roadbike. Problem is (or so at least dh tells me) is that it has flat handlebars on it (was for my mom). Will that affect my speed?

    Anyway, I mostly ride on LSD and i commute to work in the south loop.

    And I'm about to buy a Kettler seat to stick on the back of one of the road bikes.

    Nice to meet you all. I'm sure I"ll have a lot of questions as I go.

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    Welcome to BiekForums.
    Glad you're learning more about bikes and have posted in the Road Cycling forum.

    Quote Originally Posted by daraja View Post
    Anyway, I mostly ride on LSD...
    Not sure if I would recommend this.

    Just kidding. I'm guessing that LSD is Lake Shore Drive.

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