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Thread: Love to ride

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    Love to ride

    There is nothing more graceful than riding a bike, uphills, down, whatever. I mean even including gazelles, hummingbirds and cheetahs. That an animal can build something like a bike is a wonder of the universe. However, carrying a bike up a flight of stairs or through a doorway...well, I tell myself that pain is good for you. I'm 62, married, my kids are off in college and I can ride and feel young again...until everyone, and I mean everyone, passes me on the 1500' climb from Alpine Dam to Ridgecrest Blvd. That's after their grandmothers passed me on the 800' Azalea Hill to get to more hills to get to Alpine Dam. My Road ID says "Slow, but happy." I'll see you all at the Levi Leipheimer Gran Fondo..Damn right I'm doing the century!

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    Cheers new&old, welcome to Bike Forums!

    I know what you're saying about everyone and their relatives... Good luck with the century.

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    Who is this General Failure anyway, and why is he reading my drive?

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