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    New Guy checking in...

    Hi, my name is John. I hadn't ridden a bike since the day I got my drivers license (circa '94) until my 4 year old son started getting too fast on his bike to keep up with on foot. I bought myself a cheap Schwinn Legacy beach cruiser and as soon as it was warm enough to ride we were cruisin' the beach in southern RI! It had been a long time since I was out "in the wind" like that...needless to say I have been re-bitten by the bug! I dug my old Schwinn Sprint out of the garage today as well as the classic Haro Master I've been storing. The restoration begins this week. I'm just going to keep the Haro clean and give it to my son when he is a little bigger as I have no desire to kill myself on that thing. My old Schwinn is another story, I'm going to convert it to a cruiser style road bike, rebuild, replace and polish as much of the original hardware as possible (used to build and repair bikes in college...had stopped riding by then though) and try to bring back some of her former glory!


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    Hello John and welcome to Bike Forums!

    Sounds like you have your plans all set up. Looking forward to reading your posts here.

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