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    Hi from outside of Hartford, CT

    My name's John Coloccia. I just recently started riding again last year (scooting around on a Scott Speedster) and more heavily into it this year. I just got my wife into it and we're enjoying the rides together. We picked up a couple of Trek 7.2s for tooling around all the trails around here, and I stumbled across this forum looking for information on touring and commuting. I'm commuting 10 miles on my S60 now but finding it a bit twitchy loaded up with all my commuting gear (clothes, briefcase, etc). Gearing is all wrong for me too, my feet keep hitting my paniers, and the ride is pretty harsh. Not an ideal commuter or touring bike

    The biggest problem was deciding between a 520 and an LHT, so we compromised. I grabbed the 520 and my wife grabbed the LHT! LOL.

    So here we are, spending entirely too much time riding around on our bikes. We're hoping to start doing 50 to 75 mile days by the end of the summer and hopefully get a couple of 3 day weekend tours in before winter.

    Heaven help us. We're actually starting to enjoy hill climbing. This can't be good...

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    Welcome John to Bike Forums.
    Touring is fun. Get going.
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    Set F1re To The Ra1n ( NY Night Rain Ride)

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