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    new knee, old bike...don't play well together....

    Greetings to my new forum friends! My name is Mark and I am 54 yrs old.
    I have been trying out biking (again) and am a little frustrated with the results.
    I started riding bikes when I was about 5 yrs old and spent most of my youth on them riding the back roads and trails of Federal Way, Washington in the 60's.
    I graduated to legitimate Mt. Bikes in the 80's and started distance riding my Specialized Allez in 1988(when it was brand new and didn't have any dents, scratches, or worn parts). I averaged 60 miles a week on the rode bike and about one 10 to 20 mile Mt bike ride. I leaned heavily towards fast and furious uphills and down hills and weighed about 172lbs. Until 1996 when job requirements demanded more of my attention and the bikes got "hung up" on the wall. In 2007 I had a total knee replacement and spent 2 long years learning to walk and make my arthritic body move. Now at 220 lbs I started riding about one year ago. I put platform pedals on my Mt bike and started to ride it around the yard and at the park. It took months before I could make a revolution with out lifting my but of the seat. 4 weeks ago I bought a "new 2006 Trek Fluid Mt. Bike and started riding it around the yard. It takes a mile or so of painfull riding before I can make a clean pedal stroke but I'm getting better. The knee doesn't like to bend much but I keep him lubed up with chontroitin, glucoisamine and Celebrex. So far I have worked up to 10 mile rides on gentle single track. A far cry from my glorious past racing up and down real mountains. I hope to condition my lungs legs and knee to the point where I can ride with my adult children and not make them wait every 10 minutes for me to catch up!! I know this is not the place to ask questions but I need help with my road bike fit. It doesn't "fit" well anymore. The same position I used to ride centurys on hurts my wrists, my but, neck, back and shoulders. I have tried 3 different saddles, moved my seat post and bars around and have come to believe that my body just doesn't want to ride stretched out anymore! Have any of you found that you need a different type of bike or different set ups now that you have aged a bit? I don't want to loose the speed of old racer but after three 12 mile rides, I am afraid we are incompatible! I would appreciate any advice or stories about your experiences that might give me a clue.... Thanks Mark, old firefighter still looking for some heat!

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    Welcome Mark to Bike Forums.
    I started road riding at age 65.
    My hands were so sore I put pipe insulation on the grips.

    You are just out of shape. Took me 500 miles to get in shape.
    Hang in there. Ride as much as you can.
    Rest and take days off when you need to.
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    Welcome Mark.
    Sounds like you didn't have a sports med doc do your surgery.
    I had knee surgery in 2008. My sports med doc (who is also a cyclist) had me on my bike on the trainer 8 hours after surgery. Toughest 5 minutes of my life. Riding the bike was my physical therapy. After 4 weeks I was out on the road again. I'm now 65 and ride my road bike about 4 days a week.
    Get a bike that fits and feels comfortable and you'll be back at it in no time. Good luck.
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