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    forced into a new passion

    Hey gals and guys. my names brian or mrsinglespeed as some know me as. i ride an SE Draft. pretty syock so far. just clips, bull horns, and fresh gator skin tires. i started biking a year ago when i bought my single speed. i needed it as a commuter to get back and for from the mall (20 miles round trip).. during this period i rarely biked the full 20 miles. maybe 10 miles and i ride home. in about a week of torture i managed to fix my vehicle and ditch the bike. now a year later im back at the same job but this time my vehicles are dead for good and i have to do the full 20 miles every time i work. at first it was a hassle and i hated it but then after a few consistent days started to get faster and faster, realizing i was starting to enjoy this. its been 3 months so far commuting at least 40 miles a week. now i have a second job and of course, ill bike there too. i dont know comparatively how fast i am but i hope that i can eventually do some races and see where this goes. hope i meet some nice people on the forum!!!

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    Welcome Brian to Bike Forums.
    Have fun and be safe commuting.
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