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    Wichita reporting in

    I've lurked for a little bit and posted a couple of times, but here is my official introduction. I've just recently started commuting to work daily. I started on a Target special and quickly "upgraded" to a Trek 950 mtn bike. If the difference is that pronounced between a 20 year old quality bike and a brand new box store bike...I can't WAIT until I buy a newer model quality bike!

    I commute about 7 miles one-way. I went a couple of weeks going just 2-3 days a week, but today will be the start of the second week where I will be commuting 5x a week and I am enjoying it. We have a gym/shower facility here at work so it is not much of an inconvenience to get a little sweaty in the morning, especially considering I am getting in a decent workout and saving myself some gas money at the same time!

    I have definitely caught the bug and am already looking for more bikes and add-ons to the commuter. So, thanks to everyone for all the useful info and advice I have received lurking in these forums and hope to see you around.


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    Welcome to BikeForums. Got pics of your commuting setup?

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