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Thread: Kobe Bike

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    Kobe Bike

    Iím new the forum but I noticed the later part of last year there was questions on Kobe Chaparral bikes. I purchased a new 1975 Kobe Chaparral in Berkeley, Ca. It has SunTour derailleurs and the steering post shifters. The first 6 inches of the front forks are chromed. Everything is original except the seat and I still ride it. In fact I went on a group ride two weeks ago and the bike was older then the other riders in the group. But at 73 years old Iím thinking of passing it on to one of my sons and buying a new road bike. In the early 80s I met a guy who was riding across the US and he had the Kobe Chaparral frame. When I bought it a former bike racer in my Rotary Club recommended it as a good bike with performance between the European bikes and the U S bikes. It has been great bike for me.

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    Cheers and welcome to Bike Forums!

    Sounds like your bike (with possible pictures) might be of great interest in our Classic & Vintage forum!

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