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    Noob - Nashville/Searcy - Dilemma (Bianchi vs. Marinoni)

    Hello everyone,

    I'm a fairly new roadbike enthusiast -- it's going on about a year now. I've been doing all of my own maintenance since the beginning, and have been buidling/rebuilding bikes for the past 6 months. I've been reading the archived forums for sometime now, but could really benefit from being a part of the community.

    I've become partial to steel frames--granted, that's the only thing I've ridden on! My first bike was a waaaay too small 90's Novara Randonee. I'm just shy of 6', and the bike was 48cm -- yikes. Since then I've been riding a few different bikes -- all fairly old

    84 Raleigh Gran Prix
    89 Marinoni Special
    90's Bianchi Volpe

    I sold the Grand Prix already, and I really only need one daily rider-- either the Marinoni or the Bianchi has got to go. BUT I just can't part with either! What do I do? the Bianchi is a little beat up -- it definitely needs some new decals and perhaps paint -- but it's got Campy Veloce all around -- even the hubs are Campy. On the other hand, the Marinoni is also a little beat up, has old campy components, is a lighter build, and is way more rad than any frame I've seen. I prefer the newer components (especially the shifting). Perhaps I just need to change the downtube shifters to indexed mode and be happy with that. I like the frame too much to let it go.

    Any thoughts/suggestions are greatly welcomed!

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