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    Greetings Carbon-Based Bipeds

    A quick hello from me, I've been lurking around these forums for a few days now, reading through some good threads in the various sections and figured it was time to sign up and say hi.
    I'm from middle-England, in my mid twenties (we had this discussion last night down the pub and decided that we haven't hit late twenties yet!) and I'm currently getting back into biking.
    I've had a bike since I was a young'un, starting on BMX's which used to let me tear around fields, get muddy and do tricks to my hearts content, then as I grew I started to value my knees and had to move onto larger framed bikes. ^^
    I had an el-cheapo mountain bike for a few years until it was stolen on my paper round, and nothing for several yars after that. Going back to Uni I bought a cheap bike from a friend, which was too small, and rolled down hills like breeze block.

    Which brings us to now, after talking with my Step-Uncle about bikes me and my lady decided it might be time to get decent bikes, from there we grew to planning a cycle tour around Europe when I've finished Uni, and wanted something capable of getting us around fully kitted, but would still let us get down a dirt trail to the beach if we found one. After looking at a few bikes down the LBS I fell in love with the Specialized Crosstrail, which is what we eventually ended up purchasing.

    So far we've had them for about a day and a half, with a short ride along the canal to the pub for a meal on the first day, then yesterday we had a longer 5 mile ride to visit my Nan, again along the canal, then obviously 5 miles back. Today I'm hoping for another 5 mile or so ride out, which again looks like it'll be along towpaths, for some reason they just seem to be the easiest way of getting from town to town in my area.

    So that's nearly it for now, both myself and my Lady are hoping to continue cycling both for enjoyment and for fitness, as being a student again has so far meant mainly sitting on my backside writing assignments.. I'm also planning to use the bike to commute come September and I start on my final year of Uni.

    So that is a hello from me to you, and I will see you around on the boards no doubt.

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    Welcome to Bike Forums.
    Nice bikes. Enjoy.
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