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    This is bob. (Hi bob!)
    44 now. Been riding a bunch since my mid 30's, as I started to put on weight. Still try to do 50 miles a week, usually 2 rides of 34 miles at ~18 mph avg. Love to ride, am pretty tough on bikes. Had a Raleigh supercourse I bought in '03 or so, aluminum frame, shimano 105's. After 7 years head tube cracked, Raleigh was totally ready to send me another aluminum frame, but I upgraded the frame to one of their carbon frames.
    Now I have a Raleigh Team carbon frame, with most of my old parts transferred over.
    Have joined forum to ask one question in the technical section. This should be good, as I know little about bike mechanics, and pretty much just ride it w/o worrying about the mechanical details, but I have a pretty good idea what to say, just wonder if anyone has had this issue (chain-ring too big for deraileur.)

    We shall see. Hello all.

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    Welcome Bob.
    Ask over in the Bicycle Mechanics section.
    A photo would help.
    Size of the ring?
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