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Thread: New Old Guy

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    New Old Guy


    Beau from Ipswich MA. Somehow or other against my better judgement I've ended up with a garage sale Raleigh Grand Prix (red, black and rust all over) which I'm bringing back to life. I've restored around a dozen Raleigh Sports over the past two years as a part time side job. I live near several universities, (Harvard, MIT, et al), so have found a ready market for my clean-up jobs.

    This GP is a little big for me (23 1/2" frame), so I'll probably clean it up, get the rust off, put on new tires and get the derailleurs and brakes working and sell it off. I've been cruising the site looking for a definitive way to determine the age of this classic. Is there a tried and true formula? Any gotchas I should be looking for?

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    Welcome to BikeForums young man. I'm a month older than you.
    The folks in the Classic & Vintage know everything about old bikes.
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