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Thread: New In Town

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    New In Town

    Hi there-- my name is Kris, 47 year old road & mountain biker. I've been classified the Martha Stewart of bikes--for a gal I can do pretty much anything except a cartwheel. I joined back in '09 and actually am posting!

    I've been working on bikes 10+ years and riding at least 40. I have a Raleigh Olympian road bike (from late 80s) and a 1996 Diamondback MTB. I've done many upgrades to both, learning by trial, error, and internet info/troubleshooting. My husband's Schwinn LeTour was re-built & upgraded by yours truly; my son (10) and I re-built/ custom painted his sister's 16" single speeder which he has nearly run to the ground (and out-grown). Our next project is re-building/customizing his sister's 26" MTB with internal Sturmey or Shimano 5 speed rear hub, new breaks etc. Girls' bikes don't look "girly" when we're finished with them!

    I have biked consistently in MN, TX and now AR Ozarks (the hills are much better here). I look forward returning 2x/summer to MN for central plains, lakes & rolling hills. Temps are better "up Nort" for those long rides.

    Glad to be here. You all have given me TONS of info. Thanks!

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    Welcome Red to Bike Forums.
    You can work on my bike anytime.
    Nice Intro.
    [SIZE=1][B]What I like about Texas[/B]

    Set F1re To The Ra1n ( NY Night Rain Ride)

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