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    Hey there from Chicago!


    I'm a summer commuter and workout biker looking forward to getting into year-round cycling.

    About 4 years ago I started riding a Trek 7000 in the warm months, it was stolen after 2 summers from my apartment building basement (I forgot to set the U-lock during a week-long rainstorm while not riding). Following that, and still not having done any research on bikes I picked up a Trek 7100, which I rode for another 2 summers and was also stolen, this time from a friends back yard (also not locked, because I don't learn).

    Anywho, I got a Trek MultiTrack 720 ('96-'98ish) from a friend and want to convert the handlebars from grip-shift to drop but the cantilever brakes earned me an eye-roll from the LBS guy I consulted.

    So, that's it in a nutshell! I've been reading a lot here for the last couple weeks researching a new road bike purchase, and converting that 720 into a foul-weather/winter beater.

    I look forward to gaining some experience and hopefully getting into century rides next summer, and looking into the racing clubs I keep hearing about on the fringe of some of these threads.

    See you on the boards!


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    Welcome to Bike Forums.
    Check in with the commuting threads.
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    Howdy! We also have the hybrid forum, it's pretty cool in there too (unless you already found out). Good luck on the new road bike purchase. Remember that fit is soooo important!
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