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Thread: hello from MN

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    hello from MN

    Hi folks!

    I got back in to biking this year after many years off. I decided this spring I wanted to work on my health a little more and decided to buy a bike. I started with a cheapo Schwinn, but was quicky addicted to riding.

    I now commute to work (3 miles one way) any day it isnt raining and do most of my errands by bike. I have gone from complaining about walking across the street to 70-100 miles a week. I have also gone to clipless pedals and despite falling twice (second time last night) love them.

    my three current rides are a Schwinn Link (foul weather cheapo bike) Trek MTB and an 85 Schwinn Le Tour.

    the Link is a Wally world special an the Trek was given to me by my B.I.L. since he prefers cheeseburgers over exersize it sat in his garage for years. when my wife rides with me she usually rides this.

    By far my favorite is the LeTour. I got it free (traded a 6 pack of cold ones) from a member of a local bike forum. he claimed it to be a "project bike" but all it needed was a quick once over to be rideable. So far I have replaced the tires, brake pads, put on my Shimano pedals, a computer and lights to it. aside from maybe some new handle tape, I think its perfect.

    I live in Roseville and commute to St. Paul right next to Midway Stadium.
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    Welcome shizzy to Bike Forums.
    The Le tours are a very nice ride.
    Post a pic of it sometime.
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    Wow Shizzy it seems like you've progressed nicely in your goal of being healthier.

    Keep on keeping on! And welcome to the Bike Forums family!!
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