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    Oh heeeeeeey everyone!

    As my handle states, I am Jenny.. 32/F/Abbotsford, BC, Canada
    I got extremely bored of the gym so I randomly bought a mountain bike last summer and rode it a few times a week all summer and now I'm hooked. I just have a super cheapy Sport Check bike from Sport Check because I needed on ASAP and it was all I could afford.. I am hoping that by next summer I will have upgraded to a real bike. I like to ride flat-ish trails for now but will progress over time hopefully to something a little more exciting..
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    Jenny, don't worry about your bike being "cheap". We all have to start somewhere. As a matter of fact, unless you are SURE cycling is for you, it's silly to spend a few thousand on a bike. A friend of mine did that and he rode the bike for maybe three months. It just wasn't his thing. Now the bike sits there, unloved.....

    As you progress with your riding skills you will eventually realize what your needs are in a bike, from there you can invest wisely.

    Keep on riding Jenny.

    And welcome to Bike Forums!
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