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    Hello from Cleveland.

    I'm 19, this is only my second season as a "biker" I suppose, though I have been riding for leisure since I was about 5 I would guess.
    I was an athlete of all sorts in highschool, playing soccer, tennis, and swimming on the team. Unfortunately, I have torn 5 ligaments in the last two years (2 acls, an mcl, lcl, and pcl) so I decided it's time a start giving my knees a chance to be healthy again.
    I have been riding over 100 miles a week all summer and plan on starting to go more because I'm not getting nearly as winded as I used to. I also just recently bought an 87' Bianchi that I just stripped to attempt to repaint. I know people have mixed reviews on this, but I figure I'll try for fun, if it works I'll be really excited and if not I'll get it powder coated. Regardless, I plan on rejuvenating it into the ultimate single speed. (Fixed riding doesn't really seem like it would be a good thing for me considering I already have terrible knees).

    Hopefully I will maybe make some connections and get some much needed advice here.

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    Welcome aboard, amcelroy!

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