Just viewed the forum for the first time after reading today's Boston Globe article on Kyptonite locks and a reference to bikeforums.net.

Been riding for 40 years ...

- AYH trips (New York) and TOSRVs in in the mid 70's

- New York City to Vancouver, B.C. during the summer of '79 (3750 miles and 18 broken spokes)

- Met my wife on BRAN (Bike Ride Across Nebraska) in 1982 (she had a flat, I had a tube !)

- Cycled the fietspads of Holland with my wife and daughter (when she was 5) using a TrailerBike

- Now cycling a Cannondale tandem with my daughter after an excursion to Acadia National Park in Maine

This looks like a great resource. Hope to add to it, and glean some new ideas.

- Bob