Hi to everyone. I got involved with biking about a year ago. My new roomate is a class 2 or 3 rider (weekend warrior). I started on a trainer in the living room. I'm more of an MTB/ATB person. I like to have my head up when riding. About 5 years ago I bought a Nishiki Bravo for really cheap. I finally pulled it out of the garage, had it tuned up, put road slicks, a road crank and the ever popular bar ends. I turned it into a weird Hybrid/Cross/MTB/Commuter bike (since I ride mainly on paved trails). It is hard to ride on really tough trails without suspension forks (makes my wrists and hands sore). I have had it off road a couple of times. Anyway I discovered this forum because I acquired an Austro-Daimler SL (unknown if the SL is for Superleicht (the bike is not light). I did a search on the web and found out people actually collect old bikes and this one could mean something to somebody.

Well thanks and keep it upright.