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Thread: Hello from Utah

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    Hello from Utah

    Utah is one of many cyclist-friendly states, though it tries to improve as with Provo and Salt Lake City in regards to addition of cycle lanes.

    I'm a cyclist "newbie" who is riding bicycle off and on since 2005 (but have been commuting frequently since last August) who seldomly drive a motor vehicle anymore. I load bicycle on the bus and transit rail and it feels a lot more relaxing and convenient, even if I might miss driving a car around for quick travel, ease and convenience.

    Owning a motor vehicle have its disadvantage -- 'frequent' maintenance, insurance, uncertainty and fluctuation of oil price vs. affordable car-based living standard, and the inconvenience of free-space parking and congested traffic.

    I continue learning the benefits of cycling as a main mode of transportation from my home. For a "poor" college student, it's an advantage to own a reliable, working bicycle in the meantime whereas owning a motor vehicle might incur too much expense.

    My bicycle model is Fuji Odessa 2.0 (red-white frame) with bells (Incredibell XL, Mirrcycle, Abus lock, front and rear electric lights; considering AirZound horn) and whistles (new & stronger pedals, rear rack, pair of folding 'grocery' baskets). The bicycle may not be much in terms of speed, but it's reliable to get around, provided the awful cheap factory-set tubes are replaced.

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    Welcome to Bike Forums.
    Look as if you have a good handle on commuting.
    Ride slow.
    [SIZE=1][B]What I like about Texas[/B]

    Set F1re To The Ra1n ( NY Night Rain Ride)

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