Well, I just found the bike forum. Yes, it was because of the kryptonite lock thing, but after cruising around the other topics, it looks like a great place to stay.

I ride mostly for transportation, but in the last month or so have been going farther and farther. I'm 63 years old and recently retired, so I guess the extra time is allowing me to cruise around more.

I have a Motobecane that I bought new in '75 and it still runs great. I also have a "beater" Trek 800 that I bought a couple of years ago for Burning Man. Ironically, I melted a tire on the Trek (too close to the exhaust pipe) going to Burning Man this year, and had to ride the thin tired Motobecane. (I took an extra bike because we have a camp there for motorcyclists, and most of them find it difficult to pack a bicycle on their motorcycle.) The Playa was extra soft this year, but by letting the air down to about 35 psi in those thin tires, I survived.

I've been an avid motorcyclist for the last 35 years, and I find that I enjoy any form of two wheeled transportation.