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    Hi from Las Vegas, Nevada

    I just joined ... I been back on the bike now for seven years. I ride alot. I ride SS & geared on the road. I race TT as an age grouper. I've tried off road but I only seem to collect scabs (no skill I guess) I'm a bit short on socal skills, so bear with me...

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    Welcome to Bike forums.
    You don't have to say anything just post some pics of your bikes and where you ride um.
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    Hi 10 Wheels,
    Thanks for lesson #1... I usually only take pictures of bikes / equipment that I'm posting for sale... So I'll take some pictures of my current stable.
    Where I ride... daily miles are usually in Red Rock Canyon on the southwest side of Las Vegas. Other routes involve the surface streets heading out to the entrance road to Mount Charleston. Then of course there is the climb to Mount Charleston. Out the other end of Vegas there is the Lake Mead area... Most of the TT races I participate in are in Southern California...

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