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    Colorado - Roads and trails and lots and lots of great climbing

    Hello all,

    Colorado cyclist, more road and trail but do both, with time to write because I am recovering from having an SUV try to turn me into a hood ornament. Anyway, been cycling off and on for over 30 years, got into it seriously in my 20s (now 51), went away for a few years as I found rock climbing and whitewater kayaking and then when the 2nd child came along my wife convinced me for time and safety reasons to go back to the bikes (she didn't know about inattentive SUV drivers then). Anyway love cycling in Colorado where we have great mountains to climb. Was 10 days away from doing my 4th Triple Bypass when I got hit. Oh yea, and I am sort of battery powered a little myself with a pacemaker (the day I got it I started training for the Triple after a 4 year layoff). Anyway, once I mend I start training for next year's Triple and Bob Cook Memorial Mt. Evans Hill Climb.

    One other great thing, tomorrow we find out about the new pro race we are going to have here in Colorado next year. Lance and our Gov are announcing it at the Capitol.

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    Welcome CORoadie to Bike Forums.

    That was some crash you had.
    I give up with the eye contact thing and just watch the front wheels of vehicles
    Heal Fast.
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    Glad to see that you are not letting the accident get you down. It's scary out there but riding defensively helps. But then again like the other outdoorsy things you do, there are risks all the time. Hoping you heal good and fast and can be back on the bike soon.

    Oh and...welcome to Bike Forums!
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