I live in Göteborg, Sweden. This weekend my emailbox filled with mail from people I know (and some I don't know)
from all over the world, wanting to know about 'the Great Swedish Abus locks'. This is silly. Assa Abloy is the
_Swedish_ company, and Abus is a _German_ company. But since most people were referring to an article on
bike forums, I decided to read it to find out what the fuss was about. Something worth a fuss indeed. But I decided
to post 'how to get a Abus' for people who are finding it difficult. I've ordered stuff from Bikedock before, and
never had any trouble.

I'm just another person who gets around by bike. We have great Bike paths to get _everywhere_ in town, and
nearly all of them are separated from the car traffic. It is one of the really nice things about living here, or
vacationing here if any of you are thinking about it. Everybody in Göteborg speaks English, so don't let lack
of Swedish stop you.

Take care all,