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    Old school rider from Santa Ana, CA.

    Hi everyone,

    My name is Chris. I currently live in Santa Ana, Ca. Old home of the GT company. I'm 37 years old, which is probably really old to some of you, lol. Back in 1986 my mom gave me a brand new 86 GT Pro Performer for graduating middle school. It was a real nice bike. I had freestyle components on it and would try to imitate some of the riders back in the days like Eddie Fiola, Martin Aparijo, and Mike Domindguez. But of course, I got older, the sport faded, and the bike got thrown in the back yard and got rusted. I finally gave it to my younger brother for about fifty bucks.
    I got married a little over a month ago and for a wedding gift my brother painted the bike and put it all back together again and gave it back to me. It looks real nice but could still use some small upgrades. That's why Im here. I've been out of the loop with BMX bikes and Freestyle bikes, dont even know if people freestyle anymore, lol.
    So, I hope you guys can help an old guy like me and get me back up to speed on all the new things going on. Would like to meet other people who are putting old 80's bikes back together again.

    Thanks guys,


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    Welcome aboard.

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