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Thread: Hello from PA

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    Hello from PA

    Hi Everyone! My name is Mary Alice, my husband's name is Tony. We ride a Cannondale tandem that we bought each other for our 30th anniversary five years ago. So far we have only done local rides in our area, probably no more than 6 miles at a time. We did take the bike to the shore in NJ and once to the Finger Lakes region in NY for a weekend. Someday in the next few years we hope to do a longer trip on our bike. In the meantime, we are "tweaking" our bike to make it more comfortable. Right now we are considering new saddles and a different stoker bar so I can be more upright on the bike.

    We live in PA, and would love to do a rally and meet other couples who ride tandems. We do belong to and have hosted visitors four times so far. Last night we hosted a lovely couple from London who were riding their tandem through PA.

    That's the basics! I'm happy to be able to read the discussions posted here. Lots of good information for relative newcomers!

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    Hey Vivamom4
    I grew up in PA and have ridden most of the roads from one side to the other.
    You are in a great place for riding. Welcome to BF and most importantly....
    Lets SEE SOME PICTURES !!!!!! ha ha ha

    LM in KY

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