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    Hi from Austin, TX

    Hi, I am Mike and have been riding my bike for the last 2 months, I bought it 3 or 4 years ago but only rode it a few times so recently I started exercising so I dusted it off. I actually washed it for the first time today.

    I usually ride at night after my kids go to bed so between 8-10PM, sometimes when I can work at home I ride at lunch too. I have been working my way up from 5 miles a night, I just finished a 26 mile ride and I wasn't even breathing hard wen I got home, it was great.

    There is a park kinda attached to our neighborhood which is ~12 miles around the path once, there is a heck of a hill on the way to the park and it is always fun after riding to go up the big hill.

    I am trying to get my speed up, when I started I was at about ~9mph and now at about 14-15mph. Feel free to send me suggestions how to go faster. I think the park I ride in might be part of my problem so I plan to go riding on a local road sometime soon to see if I can keep my speed up, I have been working on more RPMs and less trying to stay in the hardest gear.

    This is just part of my exercise I am also going to the gym a few times a week and doing yoga.

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    Hello Mike, welcome to Bike Forums!

    Sounds like fun. I'm a utility cyclist myself, so I've never purposefully aimed at increasing my speed. I've noticed the same as you though: improvement comes with mileage. If you have more specific targets in mind and want instructions, try posting a question in Training and Nutrition Forum.

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    Welcome Mike to Bike Forums.
    Get out on the road with some good lights.
    Have fun. Speed will come as you ride more.
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