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    Long-time lurker, first-time poster

    Hello! I've been using BikeFormus for awhile - usually it shows up in my Google results for whatever random biking question I have - but I decided to stop lurking and show myself.

    I'm from Chicago and have gradually been biking more and more over the past few years. This summer I've really gained some confidence on the busy city streets and tried to use my bike as my primary source of transport. Additionally, a friend and I are training for the Apple Cider Century in southern Michigan in September, which means we've been exploring a lot of the fabulous trails that northern Illinois has to offer.

    Right now I'm riding a Schwinn Cross-Fit from the early '90s, but I hope to get a nice touring bike as soon as I get a new job. I also have a Schwinn frame from the early 2000s that a friend gave me to play around with (I forget the model right now... maybe Explorer?) and a Kmart All-Pro from the 60s/70s that needs a little work.

    Howdy, howdy, howdy.

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    Welcome to Bike Forums.
    Have fun on Apple Cider Century.
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