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    Newbie from the Bay Area

    Hello Everyone

    I'm Faz from the San Francisco Bay Area. I'm in Belmont and have decided to get into road-biking -- basically for fitness/endurance and also a bit of commuting (3.9mi road/bike path to Fostercity)

    I looked around quite a bit/did some research and then decided to start with the Schwinn Varsity - I know I know.. gasp!! "He bought a Walmart bike" shudder!! *shun!* -- I wanted to see if I really like it.

    Edit: I got the 700c Men's Schwinn Varsity. down for maintenance.. will link morrow for details.

    I gather the general sentiment(s) after my research that for all y'all serious enthusiasts -- talking about mass-produced walmart/target bikes might be distasteful but like I said I want to see if I really like this and eventually get serious about upgrading to a better bike.

    That said, I've been having some issues with the front wheel assembly - the QR looks alright, but the fork doesn't seem to sit properly or align with the wheel axle. As you can see this is pretty late for me but I'll definitely post pictures morrow.

    Would appreciate any assistance/advice. I'm also going to call a local bike shop morrow and bring it there for a once-over/fitting.

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    Cheers Faz, welcome to Forums.

    We are not a homogenous group, people here ride all kinds of bikes. Personally, I do most of my riding on two very entry level hybrid bikes. Bike is my primary means of transportation, but if I were more interested in training and speed and such aspects, I'd certainly get something geared more towards those goals. What I have now suits my current needs. Seems you have the same approach.

    Put your question and pics (definitely pics would help) in our Bicycle Mechanics forum when you have the time.

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