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    Hello from SF Bay Area


    I'm from the SF Bay Area, more specific I'm in Fremont on the East Bay. I've been riding for most of my life, spent time on the BMX bike while everyone was into cars. Years later, most of the spots dried up and moved to 26" about 6 years ago. Rode around local trails and about 3 years ago I crashed on my bike on the trail and broke my collar bone, stopped riding while I healed up and now riding with my girlfriend.

    I ride a Giant STP, Specialized Rockhoper that is being converted to a urban bike, and a Wal-Mart cruiser. Most of the time I ride the Giant, I love the ergos, but for longer rides I'm setting up the Rockhopper with a more urban outfit, armored 1.5 tires, rigid fork, lights. The Wal-Mart cruiser is for riding with my girlfriend, she's just started to get back into riding and we both some cheap bikes until she is ready to have a nice bike.

    Right now my riding is mostly around town, starting to ride to work and trails around home. If I could find a pump track near by that would be great!

    I would like to have a bike more suited for longer rides like a road bike or touring bike, something steel and easy to ride in the future. Saving my money for a possible Surly.


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    Hi Rob, Welcome to Bike Forums.
    Surly's are good bikes.
    Rode a cross country tour last summer with 6 riders that had LHT's.
    [SIZE=1][B]What I like about Texas[/B]

    Set F1re To The Ra1n ( NY Night Rain Ride)

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