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    Hi folks, I guess I'm new here...

    My wife and I recently discovered that we both enjoy riding bicycles, so for a little over a year we've been going out on paved trails and riding 10 to 15 miles a couple of times a week, and occasionally around the neighborhood. As a teenager I rode a 3-speed "English Racer" of a forgotten brand (but not expensive, I do know that). At a certain point I added a banana seat and high-rise handlebars to it. Later I disassembled the malfunctioning 3-speed hub and eventually put it back together, fixed -- one of my proudest moments of mechanical success. As we have been riding, I have also been reading more about the sport - magazines, fix-it books, a history of the Tour de France (which was quite good). Recently I have found that with my current job I'm not good for much in the evening except puttering in the shop - restoring old fountain pens, among other things. Now I have gotten a bug to try to restore an old steel-framed road bike. I found one that I can't identify (will be posting about it under vintage bikes later) -- might be Italian from the early Seventies -- and it needs some serious love. I found this forum and thought it would be a good place to ask for help with identifying this poor thing.

    Currently I'm riding a Giant FCR, which feels great, very tight and dependable. If I can get the old steel frame up to those standards, I think that will be an accomplishment!

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    Welcome David to Bike Forums.
    That old bike will be a challenge.
    Plenty of help here at Bike Forums.
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