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    Not so New from Central Florida

    Hi everyone, just wanted to drop a note and introduce myself a bit. I live on the east coast of Florida, and I am not a bike fanatic. I use my bike out of necessity. I am an old codger who is a wildlife photographer and many of the places I go do not allow anything with motors on the property past the parking lot.

    I have had many bikes through the years, my most recent one is one of those Awful, if you believe the posts Motobecane Elite FS that I picked up for $60, it was filthy so days of cleaning, had to take one wheel in for truing as it was beyond my ability. Local bike shop did the job for $14. A couple new WTB Pathway tires picked up off of Nashbars recent sale for less than $10 each. Lots more cleaning and lubricating and now it rides like a dream. It doesn't look so good but it sure gets the job done. You know those stickers that some Mail Order outfits include with your order are great for covering up big spots where the paint has worn off.

    I enjoy reading all the posts on the forum and I gain a lot of knowledge from them as well.

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    Hello old codger from Florida.
    Can you post a wild photo of your Motobecane?
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