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    Hi! I'm a newby. I have a bunch of bikes on the side of the house I claimed I would restore. After receiving a healthy badgering by my nephew, who wanted me to give him my old bike frames so he could weld them together into a makeshift bikerack/art project, I've decided it was indeed an embarrassment and now is the time to restore some of 'em.

    So there's a Raleigh Colt, an old Schwinn Speedster, and a Huffy men's coaster brake bike with an "english style" frame. All three of these should be great for riding around the flat college town we live in. I currently also own an Electra Rat Rod, another Electra cruiser with a 7-speed shimano coaster-brake-hub, a Schwinn Heavy Duti, and a Schwinn Cruiser 6. There are some others there.. some may get turned into a bike rack if my nephew ever calls me back.. it got a bit heated.. Oh well..

    Bikes should eventually be ridden, I think. So even the cheap ones may be better used by getting ridden. Surely some old posts could be used as a bike rack.

    Anyway, a friendly HI to the Bike Forum!

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    Hi Modorange and welcome to Bike Forums. My suggestion: give any broken frames to the artistic nephew, and restore everything else. If you don't have the time, sell or donate some of the frames to people who will restore them. Welding rideable frames into a rack sounds like blasphemy.

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