Which is clumsy Brit slang for San Francisco...sort of works if you say it real fast. I'm a neighborhood fixture: I buy bikes for all my friends, acquaintances, enemies and strangers and fix them all up for practically nothing. You'd think that I'd be popular, but no, I'm just too much of a crank. And an unsufferable know-it-all...but that's where you will put me in my place: I'm sure to meet my match and then some in the field of bike trivia and real important stuff! Currently I own (and sometimes even ride) a Ciocc (where is the umlaut on this &**^% keyboard?), a 3Rensho, a Holdsworth and another Holdsworth. I also have a "big box of bike parts" you might call a "room"...but there's no "room" in that room.
-Alan Goldsworthy
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