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    Introduction with a thank you

    I've been abusing this forums archives for quite a while now. It seems that I find the answers to a lot of my googled questions right here. So thank you to the many who have contributed to creating an excellent site. I already know quite a few of the guru's board names I've been here so many times. I'm not sure how often I'll actually have to post the archives are just so good here

    I've been riding bikes my whole life. It started with a trike, went to a single gear coaster with solid rubber wheels, then the first bike that I bought myself with money I earned with my paper route. I bought an Ozone, that was either the brand or model I forget, at a LBS. It was a steel framed mountain bike and the first bike I owned that had multiple gears! I rode that bike until about half way through university when I bought a new mountain bike. A GT outbound. I still have my GT outbound, and still ride it from time to time. It's a steel frame, and fun to ride.

    I've always ridden for fun, but also to commute. I was commuting 45 minutes to work on that mountian bike just about 2 years ago when I decided I wanted to try a road bike. I bought a used Opus Fidellio that was too big for me and gerry-rigged it to fit my needs. I cut my commute time to 26 min, and fell in love. I've since sold the Opus because it was far too large, and bought a used Cannondale R500. The bike fits me well and is a lot more fun to ride because of it. It is actually a 1995 model that had lived out its life in a basement, and is essentially NOS. It has a complete RSX group and is the indigo fade to blue paint job on the Cannondale 2.8 frame that was in production at the time.

    I've recently begun learning as much as I can about bicycle maintenance and repair. I'm a materials engineer and get a a lot of enjoyment out of tinkering with things. I'm sure I'll be able to find plenty more info on bikes, bike parts, and bike repairs from all of you here!


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    Hi Nathan,,
    BF Mechanics can answer all your questions.
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