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    Introduction from Coach Andrew


    I've been riding a bike since about five years of age. I recently bought a Brompton 6-speed folding bike, and that is now my main ride. I have a Schwinn hybrid that is being retired (sold or given away) and am in the market for a decent road bike for longer and more challenging rides than my daily 8-mile commute in Manhattan. (I did however kick off my Brompton with a ride from Manhattan to Coney Island and back, about 40 miles for the day.) I have not missed more than three days of biking since June, but we'll see how I do in the winter.

    Most of my biking is of a practical nature. I bike for exercise, and to commute. Thanks to Mayor Bloomberg, NYC is now loaded with bike paths. There's a terrific "bikeway" along the Hudson River that I can pick up a few blocks from my apartment, and take all the way downtown without ever encountering a car, except the occasional Parks Department golf cart or an emergency vehicle. I don't usually take it much after dark though, as parts of it are a little creepy. At times, there are an amazing number of bikes on this path at any given time. I enjoy counting the number of folding bikes and get excited when I see another Brompton.

    In case you're wondering about my user name, I'm a personal life/strategy coach. I use the "Coach Andrew" appellation everywhere. I currently do a coaching-related radio show online, and am considering a biking show.

    Coach Andrew

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    A biking show might be a good idea.
    [SIZE=1][B]What I like about Texas[/B]

    Set F1re To The Ra1n ( NY Night Rain Ride)

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