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    I just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Erik. I've been riding now for approximately 19 years. I first learned how to ride when I was 5 and I haven't been able to stop since. I usually set a goal of about 1500 miles a year, although I never really reach it. This summer I did about 1200 miles so I came pretty close. I've been primarily riding my Trek Single Track 920 for the last 7 years. I recently bought a 2010 Gary Fisher Utopia as a replacement for the Trek. The Utopia is a hybrid bike. I mostly do road riding, however, I occasionally go trail riding. I wanted a bike that was suited to do both. The 2010 Utopia was what I picked up. Anyway, my other hobbies include anything with my Jeep ZJ, which is stock for now, and car audio. I'm not the punk that sits behind you at a stoplight and makes your mirrors vibrate. I'm more into sound quality. Getting good sound quality in a vehicle is a never ending struggle so a lot of my time/money goes into that. I also have a 94 Caprice Classic LS that is becoming a show car. I'm still in school, 6 years now of undergrad study. I'm currently seeking a bachelor's degree in electrical and computer engineering technology with a minor in business. I probably have 2 years left of school before I obtain my degree. Well, that's enough about me, I'll be reading posts here regularly, asking questions once in a while, and sharing pictures of my bikes when I get some decent ones. If you read all that, thanks, if not, I really don't care. I just wanted to get an introduction out there for all of you. Again, hello and I look forward to being a part of your online community.
    2010 Gary Fisher Utopia - Black Ops platform pedals, SRAM X.9 shifters, Avid BB7/G3 Clean Sweeps, NightRider Rebel 3.0
    1999 Dyno Air - 48 spoke wheels, GT Launchpad
    1994 Trek SingleTrack 920 - bone stock

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    Cheers, thanks for the detailed introduction and welcome to Bike Forums!

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