Hey folks, I'm one of the silent readers that has been using your expertise and experience for the past few months as I prepped myself to buy my first road bike!

I've been casually riding my Trek 7000 hybrid for three years and got the road bike fever last winter when I took a friend's Specialized road bike out for a spin. My first thought when riding it was "Holy ****, this thing is fast! Reeeaaallly fast!"

Come to last week, I finally found a steal of a deal on a Raleigh R600 with upgraded wheels and a new saddle. For $200, I couldn't go wrong on a bike with 105's.

So now, I'll be scouring through the threads for advice on (1) clipless pedals, (2) replacing forks, and (3) how to touch-up or re-paint your bike (yes, Raleigh decals have a clear coat on those ugly decals! I need to find some classy Raleigh tags!)

Thanks for all of your great contributions to the forum everybody!