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    Hello from Daly City/Berkeley, CA!

    I'm from Daly City, a foggy town south of San Francisco. Currently living in Berkeley to go to school... Go Bears!

    My pink Mercier Kilo TT is coming in the mail tomorrow and I'm super excited . I'll mostly be riding for fun and as a way of getting to school and back.

    I don't know much about bicycles, but I'm learning and eager to learn more. After all, everyone starts off as a n00b. For a while now, I've been reading the "Mercier Kilo TT Pictures" thread pretty religiously even though it's super long. I'm already planning on changing the tires, switching out the stock stem + handlebars, etc... but I'm getting ahead of myself. I'm also still deciding whether I should ride fixed, or go single speed.

    In any case, I'm just looking forward to riding more often and learning how to work on my own bike

    Thanks in advanced to those who help me with my bike along the way

    Ahh, time to walk... err, run to class. Bahaha.
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