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    Hello From Canyon Lake CA..


    I am a new rider, and I love it. I am riding in the MS ride on the 16/17 Oct in Ventura CA.
    I rode 33 miles this weekend up mountains roads. I ran out of energy toward the end.
    Is there a way to keep my energy consistent? Someone told me to eat a lot the day before?

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    Welcome Michelle.
    This is the Introductions forum. You may not get many replies. Try posting in the General Cycling forum.

    To keep your energy up during a long ride, load up on carbs the day before and the morning of the ride. Pasta is a favorite of many cyclists. Oatmeal and fruit is a good way to start the morning of the ride.
    During the ride eat lots of food at the rest stops or carry food with you -- gels, energy bars, peanut butter sandwich, fig bars, bananas, dried fruit, etc are easy to carry in a jersey pocket.
    Drink LOTS of water the day before and all through the ride. And continue to hydrate after the ride to avoid cramps.
    Good luck on the ride.
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    Hi! Welcome to Bike Forums.
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